All you need to know about JustaMinx, the Irish streaming star

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Streamer and YouTuber JustaMinx has gone from small-time streaming to pulling in thousands of viewers in just two short years. 

If you’re a big fan of Minecraft content, you’ve probably heard her name before. JustaMinx, often just called Minx, has quickly climbed the ladder of popularity over the last few years. Her content includes podcasts, streaming, online videos, and more. If you want to learn more about the Irish streamer, here are answers to all the most common questions about Minx.

Is JustaMinx a streamer or YouTuber?

JustaMinx is active on multiple platforms including Twitch and YouTube. Twitch Tracker currently ranks Minx as the 501st most popular English-speaking streamer on Twitch with over 1,880,000 followers. Her official YouTube channel has just over 700,000 subscribers. 

In addition to creating original content on both platforms, Minx is also famous for her Egirl Rejects podcast. The cast includes Minx, Kaceytron, and QTCinderella. While previously very active, the podcast has been on indefinite hiatus since April 2021. Previous episodes are available on several platforms, including Podbay, Apple Podcasts, and others.

What games does Minx play on stream?

JustaMinx’s most popular category on Twitch is Just Chatting. Her second-most played category is VRChat, where she often collaborates with fellow content creators and streamers. The game that JustaMinx is most famous for is Minecraft. Minx frequently collaborates with other Minecraft streamers including several members of the Dream Team. Other games featured on JustaMinx’s stream include Grand Theft Auto V, Overwatch, Fortnite, and Apex Legends.

Minx is now best known for her own stream, but she first rose to popularity on the online dating show Love or Host, also known as The Rajjchelor, hosted by Austin Show.

What is JustaMinx’s real name?

JustaMinx’s real first name is Rebecca. Aside from her given name, the majority of Minx’s identity is kept private. Other public details about her private life include her education in an all-girls Catholic school. Minx has four pets, two dogs, and two cats. One of her dogs is named Koda and stays with her parents while JustaMinx lives with the other dog and her two Scottish Fold cats.

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Minx’s most extreme personal experience that she has made public about is that she was once declared clinically dead after a car crash. Medical staff were able to resuscitate her after the incident. It’s possible that the crash was related to her epilepsy. She has opened up about the incident on a few occasions, including during a stream with jschlatt.

Does Minx live in America?

Minx’s exact living situation is not known, but she currently lives in Los Angeles, California. She moved to the United States sometime near the start of her streaming career. She briefly lived in Austin, Texas in 2021, but has since relocated to California.

Before moving to the United States, JustaMinx lived in Ireland with her parents.