All we know about new CS2 operation release, content, and more

By Fariha Bhatti


Jun 17, 2024

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Leakers anticipate that Counter-Strike 2 will soon launch its first operation, with some surprising content reportedly in store for players.

Valve employs operations to bring in fresh content and cases to its flagship shooter, but it has been almost three years since the game last received an operation in September 2021. With Counter-Strike’s 25th anniversary around the corner, it’s safe to expect a big update, and leakers agree.

Credible CS2 insiders and dataminers claim Valve is working on the game’s biggest update. This operation may mark the return of the iconic map Pool Day and the release of a brand new Valorant-inspired cosmetic item.

CS2 is reportedly getting gun keychains

CS2 has not undergone any operations since its release in 2023. Consequently, all operations in CS2 are currently based on the game’s outdated design and themes. Given that CS2 surpasses its predecessor in all aspects, the upcoming operation is expected to be truly groundbreaking.

Leaks coming from Gabe Follower sound promising, who claims that Valve is working on keychains. Here’s what the dataminer has found in the CS2 code.

“CS2 keychains collide with their guns, which are separate entities,” the leaker explained.

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If this ends up being true, players may want to increase their CS2 cosmetic budget, which would now include Valorant-style keychains that dangle on the gun. This report has pleased skin enthusiasts, and it’s worth mentioning that an old map is poised to make a comeback, much to the delight of old-timers.

Is Pool Day coming to CS2?

There’s speculation that Pool Day may make a comeback in CS2. Gabe Follower posted a list of maps without giving any details, but it’s probably related to the upcoming operation in CS2.

On June 17, the credible CS2 insider posted images of five maps: Thera, Memento, Assembly, Pool Day, and Mills. This followed fresh leaks and insides related to the upcoming CS2 operation, which means he’s likely pointing at the map pool for the next update.

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It’s worth noting, though, that these maps won’t be part of the competitive pool. Out of all, players are most excited about Pool Day, which was popular in CS 1.6.

When is the CS2 operation release date?

The first CS2 operation may be released on June 19, on the game’s 25th anniversary.

The very first public beta version of Counter-Strike was dropped on June 19, 1999, which is why players believe Valve may use this occasion to release CS2’s first operation. Leakers are anticipating a new case, cosmetics, maps, and more.


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