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All the new price changes for vehicles in GTA Online

By Fariha Bhatti


Apr 17, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Inflation is hitting Los Santos as Rockstar heavily buffs up the prices of vehicles. But, it’s not all dark, no stars. Some cars will devalue, becoming more affordable. 

GTA Online is a realistic game, but Rockstar is making it too close to reality by adding inflation. Cars are the centerpiece in GTA. From police to thieves, everyone has their storyline set around vehicles in Rockstar’s open world.

But it seems everyone is rich in GTA in 2023, and the developer wants to change that, starting with luxury cars.

GTA Online vehicle price changes 2023

GTA Online car

On April 13 blog, Rockstar lifted the curtain on free Karin Boor, new chameleon paints, the Paleto Bay Meth Lab, and more. It was also revealed that vehicles would see a price hike, but some will also become cheaper. 

Here are the vehicles that will become expensive in GTA Online:

  • Pegassi Oppressor Mk II: $3,890,250 before/ $8,000,000 after
  • Declasse Granger 3600LX: $1,380,000 before/ $2,000,000 after
  • Declasse Scramjet: $3,480,000 before/ $4,000,000 after
  • Dewbauchee Champion: $2,995,000 before/ $3,750,000 after
  • Imponte Deluxo: $4,721,500 before/ $5,750,000 after
  • Pegassi Toreador: $3,660,000 before/ $4,250,000 after
  • Pegassi Weaponized Ignus: $3,245,000 before/ $4,500,000 after
  • Buckingham Akula: $3,704,050 before/ $4,500,000 after

Pegassi Oppressor Mk II, popularly known as Jet Bike, will more than double in price, which is excellent news for the critics. Jet Bike is one of the most unique vehicles in GTA Online, making it a pest to catch those who own it. At just $3,890,250, players would get a cheat code to escape trouble. Now, they’ll have to pay a large sum to afford the pesky bike. 

Of course, not everyone’s happy. Those aiming to get the overpowered bike will have to work twice as hard to afford the absurdly priced vehicle, which is now the most expensive bike in GTA Online. But there’s also good news. Some vehicles will see a price decline, so many can now purchase their first car in GTA Online. 

Here are the vehicles that have been discounted in price:

  • Brute Armored Boxville: $2,926,000 before / $1,300,000 after
  • HVY Chernobog: $3,311,700 before / $1,500,000 after
  • Imponte Ruiner 2000: $5,745,600 before / 3,750,000 after
  • Mammoth Thruster: 3,657,500 before / $2,500,000 after
  • Mammoth Tula: $5,173,700 before / $4,100,000 after
  • Ocelot Stromberg: $3,185,350 before / $2,500,000 after
  • Pegassi Oppressor: $3,524,500 before / $2,750,000 after
  • RM-10 Bombushka: $5,918,500 before / $4,750,000 after

All of these changes will come into effect on April 27, so players should prepare their money to buy cheap vehicles in GTA Online.