All the new content in LISA Definitive Edition explained

By Kenneth Williams


Jun 16, 2023

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LISA is equal parts heartbreaking and hilarious, and the Definitive Edition will add even more content of both varieties.

Lisa: The Painful became a cult classic thanks to its quirky sense of humor, unexpectedly moving story, and engaging twists on RPG combat. Now the RPG Maker classic is getting a makeover, with its first additional content since the original release in 2018. This also marks the end of mysterious developer Austin “Dinagling” Jorgensen’s absence.

Here’s all the content shown off in the trailer and which games are set to be included in LISA: Definitive Edition coming out July 18, 2023.

All the new content coming in LISA Definitive Edition

The new content was shown off in an official trailer on June 6. The trailer shows footage of the game in dazzling HD, with the miserable land of Olathe rendered with modern software for the first time.

The trailer shows off new content coming to the remastered title, which includes new quests, secrets, and even boss battles. It pays special attention to the Warlord fights in The Joyful, which will now feature new powers to make the confrontations more interesting. The famous music is now accessible through an in-game jukebox. The last major feature revealed is Painless Mode, which may be an easy mode for players who just want to experience the story.

It also shows off a new campfire conversation mechanic. In the original game, Brad could use a campfire to rest, which could often lead to random encounters. The Definitive Edition will add new conversations to that list between Brad and his party members. The trailer shows Terry Hintz and Brad about to engage in a heart-to-heart, and it’s likely that each possible member will have their own unique discussions. 

Lisa Definitive Edition New Campfire Conversations

As for the titles included with the Definitive Edition, the trailer confirms that Lisa: The Painful and Lisa: The Joyful will appear. However, it did not specifically say whether the original Lisa: The First would be featured. The official Steam post appears to confirm its exclusion. Lisa fans who pick up the Definitive Edition will still have to seek out the freeware title to experience the less-bombastic origins of the series.


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