All the Lighthouse expansion details for Escape From Tarkov

By Nicholas James


Apr 2, 2022

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There are big changes coming to Tarkov’s newest locale, Lighthouse. This mysterious area will be more accessible in the future but comes with a few new challenges. Here are all the details on the Lighthouse expansion in Escape From Tarkov.

The Lighthouse expansion in Escape From Tarkov is the next big update fans have been waiting for. The newest map, Lighthouse, has had a small spit of land made inaccessible pending new content. This secret portion of the map is being opened up in the near future, bringing a new area, scav boss, and a unique in-map trader.

Escape From Tarkov Lighthouse expansion

The spit of land that’s been cut off by a wall of detritus in Escape From Tarkov’s latest map is finally being opened up.

In an episode of Tarkov TV with lead developer Nikita, several of the more mysterious new details were revealed. The spit of land on the newest map with the titular lighthouse structure is becoming accessible in the near future. A unique in-map trader that can only be accessed by making your way to the lighthouse and bringing a specific, but currently unknown, item to gain an audience with him.

It won’t be a stroll in the park, however. There’s a long cement walkway to the buildings and lighthouse on the tiny peninsula so players will have to contend with other players as well as a brand new scav boss.

In the buildings between the entrance and the lighthouse will sit a sniper scav boss who purposefully aims for players’ limbs. Having your legs shot out mid-sprint can be a near-death sentence in Tarkov, so fans should be prepared to pop plenty of painkillers and stims before making the mad dash to the buildings.

New trader Lightkeeper changes the game

A new trader, named Lightkeeper, will await fans at the end of the spit of land if they get past the scav boss. Unlike the other traders, who can be accessed from the home screen and used to resupply, players will have to make the dangerous trek out to the lighthouse to have the option of buying from Lightkeeper.

Nikita mentioned that those who want Lightkeeper’s attention will have to bring a specific item or items to barter with him for his supplies. Given how hard it is to reach this merchant, fans should expect this trader to have some substantial offerings or mandatory quest items.


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