All the key points and features in Valorant’s new map Icebox

By Olivia Richman


Oct 6, 2020

Reading time: 2 min

After weeks of teasing, Valorant finally introduced a new map called Icebox. 

Icebox will be coming to Valorant when Act III begins next week. The snow-covered map features a giant battleship on one side of the map, pulled into a dockyard with large shipping containers. There’s a big building with multiple floors on the other side of the map, complete with ropes that appear to act like ziplines. Parts of the map are wide open. 

Valorant Icebox spots you might have missed

One Valorant player took to Reddit to outline some interesting locations that the Icebox trailer briefly glossed over. They pointed out a tower, which can be seen in the thumbnail above, that they weren’t quite sure was reachable during play. If it is, it would be a perfect spot for snipers to take the high ground and watch the action unfold. 

Valorant Icebox ziplines

It has been pointed out that there are three ropes, including horizontal ones which players assume will act like ziplines. Split features vertical ropes that agents can quickly slide up and down. This would probably work in a similar fashion, except moving across part of the map rather than up through it. There’s also a rope leading up to a spot similar to Split’s heaven area. 

Valorant Icebox bridge

We can also see a bridge shown in the trailer. This is an interesting addition to Valorant’s map layout, allowing agents to sneak up above or creep underneath it. In the past, players have criticized Riot’s first-person shooter for having very simple map layouts. Not only were they quite linear, but statistics have proven that the defense is heavily favored on each of them

Another interesting part of Icebox that makes it seem more dynamic than the previous maps is a box that the Reddit user points out in his post. In the first picture, they show it being held by a crane, blocking entry to another part of the map. In a second picture, they circled the location once again, and this time the box was gone. A third picture showed the crane lifting the box, meaning there might be certain triggers that activate the crane and change how parts of the map function.

Valorant Icebox map

Valorant players will have to wait for Act III to fully explore Icebox. But for now, fans are obsessively watching the map reveal trailer to learn all they can about Valorant’s surprise update.