All the CSGO skins guides you’ll ever need are here

By Kenneth Williams


Mar 27, 2023

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is all about drip. If you’re looking for guides to the wide world of CSGO skins, has you covered.

At times, it can seem like CSGO players care more about the skins than the actual game. For many, this is literally true, with investors putting hundreds of thousands, if not millions, into the market. However, even casual fans can get joy out of humble skins.

If you’re looking to learn more about CSGO skins, has plenty of guides for budgeters and ballers alike. Here are all of our handy guides in one place.

How CSGO pros get such insane skins

If you’ve tuned into tournaments, you’ve doubtlessly seen pro players rocking pricy skins like AK-477 | Case Hardeneded and AWP | Dragon Lores. However, they often don’t actually own those skins at all. We explain how the system works and why pros get to sport such expensive cosmetics in tournaments.

The most expensive AK-47 skin in all of CSGO

The AK-47 is arguably the most iconic gun in the game, and it has plenty of high-value options for cosmetics. One reigns above them all for its perfect combination of skin, stickers, and float value. In our guide, we explain why this AK-47 is the king of all gun skins with a price tag close to $400,000.

The best budget knife and gloves combos

Knives and gloves are everything in CSGO. You see them every round guaranteed, and they fetch high prices as a result. If you want both, there are still some fairly cheap options to go for. We’ve put together three combinations that cost less than $250 each, making them great for getting into the high-end scene.

How to get souvenir gun skins in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

The method to get souvenir gun skins has changed quite a bit since the system was first introduced, and the current method is probably unfamiliar to older players. Our guide from the Rio Major still holds true for future events, with everything explained simply. It will involve breaking out a credit card, but there’s also ways to get some for free.

How to trade CSGO skins for real money

If you just unboxed an insane skin and are looking to flip it for a profit, there are a ton of websites out there to help. However, one in particular stands out for its excellent reputation and popularity. We break down why DMarket is the best palace to trade your digital skins for cold hard cash.

Our gift guides are perfect for the CSGO fans in your life

Looking to get a nice present for a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player? Our quick gift guides give three amazing categories with tons of examples for each one ranging from official CSGO merchandise to in-game skins. It’s originally meant for Christmas, but it’s a great place to look for birthday, anniversary, or special event gifts too.

Will CSGO get an operation in 2023?

Operation Riptide agent skins

Operations are the biggest events in the game for casual players, and the recent announcement of Counter-Strike 2 all but assures that there will be a new one in 2023. Here’s when we think the new battle pass will drop based on previous dates and timelines.

AWP Doodle Lore removed from CSGO

It’s thankfully rare, but CSGO must occasionally remove certain skins from the game because their creators violated copyright law in the process of creating them. This was exactly the case for the recently-added AWP | Doodle Lore, which used stolen artwork in its design. Valve has handled these kinds of issues differently in the past, which has led to some of the most valuable skins in the game.

These CSGO agent skins give a competitive edge

There’s a reason that pro players all use the default agent skins in pro play. Certain cosmetics can give an unfair advantage, and there’s nothing stopping you from using them in matchmaking. It may not be the most honorable way to win games, but if there’s anyone to blame, its Valve.

Our budget craft guides make for great CSGO skins

Crafts are the ultimate form of expression in CSGO, and they can wind up costing a ton of money. However, smart players with an eye for style can still flex on a budget. We’ve put together three standout crafts all under $15 using stickers from the recent CS10 capsule. Their value will only go up, so get them now while they’re dirt cheap.

Why do rox Holos fetch such a high price?

rox Holo AWP Lightning Strike

Player signatures are usually only expensive when they come from an iconic player, but one Argentinian player used a funny trick to make his slap extremely expensive. Here’s why the rox Holo costs so much more than most fans expected.

The most expensive gloves and knife combo possible

If you thought CSGO skins are expensive already, you haven’t seen anything yet. Our CSGO guides include an analysis of the most expensive combos possible using both Steam and third-party market prices. If you thought $400,000 was a lot for an AK-47, get ready to see a combo worth more than $1 million.

How to equip the ghost knife

The idea of a forbidden knife skin would usually have CSGO collectors salivating, but this particular example is free for anyone to equip. Our guides show how to replace your knife with a spooky spectral version. It can’t be used in public matchmaking, but a screenshot can be used to freak out your friends.

The biggest CSGO skins hack in history

More than $2 million worth of skins were stolen in a high-profile hack in 2022, and it remains the largest heist in the history of CSGO skins. In fact, it may be the biggest single-account hack in any game. Here’s how Valve responded to an insane collection being hijacked.

All about the bugged 0-float karambit

One of CSGO’s most legendary skins is so bugged that it technically shouldn’t even exist. Our guide talks about the zero float karambit, a duped skin from the early days of the game’s trading scene. We explain what makes it so unique and even reveal its mysterious owner.

Why Katowice 2014 skins are so expensive

CSGO Katowice

When it comes to stickers, there’s no question that Katowice 2014 stickers are in a league of their own. These ultra-rare stickers can cost over $70,000 for just one, and they often play a role in the most expensive CSGO skins of all time. Here’s their rarity and price explained.

What’s different between CSGO skins and NFTs?

To the uneducated eye, CSGO skin investing can look very similar to NFT trading. However, there are a number of key differences between the two practices. NFTs win out in some areas while CSGO skins are more practical for certain types of investments. If you’re looking to drop serious cash on skins, this is the best way to go about it.

Where to buy CSGO stickers in real life

If you want to show off your commitment to CSGO skins, we have guides for the best places to pick up real versions. The options range from reproduction stickers to actual knife skins available from independent sellers. If you prefer something more low-key, we also have links to artists who create CSGO-themed art for the home.

We explain how CSGO skin tradeups actually work

Trading up skins is a great way to chew through the bulk of a case unboxing session. However, it’s possible to end up with even more trash if you don’t know what you’re doing. Our handy guide explains how tradeups really work and how to guarantee a factory new result every single time.

What’s the rarest knife skin in all of CSGO?

Karambit black pearl

Rarity is the biggest factor when determining the price of a certain skin, but black pearls are so rare that most players don’t even know about them. So few have been unboxed that nearly every black pearl is completely unique. Our guide goes over what makes them so rare and why so few players pay attention to them.

See how much money you’ve spent on CSGO skins

If you’re in the mood for a headache, it’s possible to see exactly how much money you’ve spent on CSGO. It involves navigating through Steam menus linked to your profile, but we break down the easiest way to see in just a few steps. Don’t say we didn’t warn you, though. 

What does rarity actually mean in CSGO?

You’ve probably noticed that lower-rarity CSGO skins tend to be pretty simple compared to the flashy pinks and reds. This is 100% intentional by Valve. The company has publicly released a style guide for skin creators to help them design at all levels of rarity. Here’s the intended style for each rarity explained.


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