All the correct call-outs for newest Valorant map Breeze

By Fariha Bhatti


Jun 4, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Breeze has finally entered the competitive map pool for Valorant, so you may want to get your callouts right. 

Valorant’s newest map, is now available to play in ranked games and will be part of the competitive map pool in professional tournaments. The map is relatively new, so it’s okay if you haven’t learned every corner by heart. We have a perfect Breeze callout guide that will help you perform better on the new map. 

Here are all common areas in Breeze that you should know before pressing play. 

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All Valorant maps have one unique feature that sets them apart from each other, with Breeze’s gimmick being two mid areas. No other map in Valorant has more than one mid, but this one changes that. The first central area leads to point B’s tunnels, as shown in the image. The second one is more enclosed and incorporates automatic doors that open into point A. 

You may want to work a bit harder on your mid-central callouts since it can be a bit confusing for your teammates. The first mid that is closer to the B-site has “nest”, “bottom”, “pillar”, and “top,” whereas the second middle towards point A is relatively small with “switch”, “mid doors”, “rope”, and “hall.”

It’s safe to say, the middle part of Breeze is larger than both sites combined. Point B is a small, square site with a number of critical angles in the form of “walls” where Defenders can hide. Two stone bars commonly called back of B, one towards the middle which is simply called “B wall.” A site also has unique “Pyramids” that allow Defenders to stay safe while scouting for Attackers.

Learning proper callouts on Breeze can be tricky since the map is still new and has tons of spots due to its large size. The image posted above has all the crucial spots mentioned, but if you forget one, it’s always better to call out whatever you see in your screen view. For example, you may hear many Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players call the nest area “window.” Mid doors are also known as double doors, and B snake is sometimes also called Tunnels. 

The map is still new to competitive queues, so callouts may change depending on skill levels and region. You may see many players use informal terms for many areas on Breeze, which is expected as the map ages. However, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with common angles since they rarely ever change. For example, window, arches, wall, bridge, mid doors, and tunnels are a few callouts that are standard across Valorant maps. 


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