All of the map callouts you need to know for CSGO’s Inferno

Steven Rondina • June 6, 2021 8:59 am

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive maps like Dust 2 and Mirage are fairly straightforward, with attackers being funneled into chokepoints to sites and defenders needing to work angles and utility to keep them safe. Then there’s Inferno. While other maps have simple callouts based on locations or specific props, Inferno is completely different.

The classic map has an abundance of nooks and crannies that all have different names, and even the larger areas of the map have callouts that have little explanation. For the record, here are the proper callouts for CSGO’s Inferno.

Inferno is unique when it comes to CSGO maps, particularly among those who have been in the game for a long while. Inferno stands out because of the fact it has two separate “mid” areas between the T spawn and A bombsite which are only connected by a tiny passage that players need to crawl through called Mexico. If terrorists can make it through one of the mid lanes, they end up in a circular area surrounding the A bombsite that also has access to the CT spawn. This sets up pincer attacks for both the A and B bombsites.

The other major alleyway on the map is banana, which is named due to its shape. Banana is the go-to pathway between the T spawn and B bombsite, which has corners to hide behind for terrorists on one end and props for cover on the counter-terrorist side. Both sides need to effectively use utility in order to control the area, or they risk being overrun.

The Inferno bombsites are a bit different from other maps as they feature abundant coverage from all angles and a large number of props in and around the actual planting sites. The A site is covered in boxes to hide behind and work around during firefights, with the elevated graveyard area on one side and an entrenched pit on another. The B site has a huge fountain in the middle as well as tall stacks of boxes all around it. 

Why is it called boiler in CSGO’s Inferno?

The area between mid and apartments on Inferno is called “boiler” because of a prop that was in that location in older versions of the map. There’s a long list of callouts in CSGO that are actually references to props that have been removed from the game over time.

Car on Inferno is a similar story. Though the modern version of Inferno has a series of barrels and plywood at the CT end of banana, the callout for that area is “car” because previous versions of the map had a car there instead.


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