All of the correct callouts for the newest CSGO map, Ancient

Fariha Bhatti • July 5, 2021 4:16 pm

Many players are still not entirely familiar with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s dark and leafy competitive map Ancient. Learning the proper callouts for this new map might help you climb the ranks faster. 

Not understanding the map may hinder your ranked progress. Callouts are a basic and instrumental part of any shooter game as they help bolster team play and communication. It’s incredibly crucial that you keep your mic active to share intel with teammates. The CSGO ranked pool hasn’t received an update in a long time, so it may take a while for players to get used to Ancient’s muddy corners. Developer Valve has recently pulled Train out of active duty to add the new Aztec-style map. 

All callouts for CSGO map Ancient 

Ancient is the latest addition to CSGO’s competitive map pool. Despite its similar appearance to older map Aztec, players find it hard to settle into the new location. So if you want to rise through the ranks quicker, you may wish to learn the proper callouts for Ancient. 

Ancient is a relatively enclosed map as compared to other CSGO locales. The route to A is called Split, and is the longest and most extensive area, similar to Inferno’s banana. Entering the B site is much more difficult due to it tighter chokepoints. Ramp, dig, cat, and ruins make it easy for counter-terrorists to defend the site. 

As compared to other CSGO maps, Ancient’s middle is hard to tackle. The mid area features a restrained top-mid, cubby, and a sniper’s nest, which heavily favours the CTs. The bomb sites have the same old callouts for large boxes, triple boxes, trees, and more. 

The map also has a unique area that leads to A. Older players like to call the square location “tomb,” but CSGO’s official handle has clarified that it’s actually a “donut.” The page released the official callout on its 22nd anniversary. 

The map’s proper callouts have still not been established in the community, so don’t be surprised if you hear different commands during your ranked games. Valve doesn’t typically make official the callouts for its maps, but you can learn names for locations written on top of your radar in-game. Even so, the CSGO community rarely follows the in-game names for locations, as players like to create their own over time. 

Many players are still using the Aztec callouts for common spots, so expect anything. Textbook callouts aside, if you’re having a tough time learning locations, make sure you call out exactly what you see to your teammates. 


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