All damage is getting nerfed in League of Legends, here’s why

By Nicholas James


May 1, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

There’s a massive damage nerf coming to League of Legends, and it includes single source of damage in the game.

Developer Riot Games mentioned looking at holistic nerfs to damage in the game back in November 2021, and it looks like those changes are finally imminent. A Riot game designer has said that new changes are incoming that will look to extend combat time in League of Legends and lessen the lethality of the game.

Huge damage nerf hitting League of Legends

League of Legends players have long been complaining about damage creep, the slow and incessant addition of new sources of damage to the game. A Riot Games designer has announced that the League of Legends developer will look to decrease all damage, signaling a huge change to the game. Riot Axe recently commented on Reddit that details would be released soon about nerfs to damage game-wide.

The central takeaway from Riot Axe’s comments is the focus on slowing down the pace of combat, letting fights last longer, and giving players more opportunities for outplays. Fights in League of Legends have gotten faster as the game became more modernized and polished, but it seems that Riot thinks the game has swung a bit too far in this direction. Riot Games already followed up on the theorized intention to nerf sustain items and healing in the game, and global damage tweaks seem to be next.

This massive damage nerf could wildly alter the landscape of League of Legends, encouraging tanks and champions who thrive in extended skirmishes. Between the new item system and the addition of Runes Reforged, League of Legends champions have more tools at their fingertips to get takedowns than ever before. Given the scope of these changes, it may be intended as a mid-season update meant to usher in a new meta for the latter half of 2022.


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