Fracture changes

All callouts for new Valorant map Fracture

By Fariha Bhatti


Oct 20, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

The latest Valorant map Fracture is finally entering ranked queues. It’s unlike any other location in Valorant, so you may want to memorize the critical callouts before initiating the grind. 

Riot Games likes to introduce a unique feature to its shooter game with the release of each map. The developer has rolled out automatic doors, horizontal ropes, and teleporters so far. Just when players thought devs had run out of creative ideas, Riot Games came up with a layout that changes the FPS genre once and for all. 

Here are all the callouts for the seventh map Fracture

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Fracture has an H-shaped design that places attackers on both sides of the map, with defenders sandwiched in the middle. This unique layout introduces spawn-based Valorant for the first time, where both sides must consider the attacker and defender bases while strategizing. Both the attacker spawns are connected with double ropes that allow for a safe detour. 

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This is the first time the developer has added an underground route to the map. Players in attacker side spawn can glide towards the bridge through these ropes without falling into the enemy’s line of fire. Point A is on the right side of the three spawns and has multiple entryways. A main and A door are wide open for attackers in the spawn, whereas those spawned in the bridge can break open point A from A drop. 

Point B is much similar to A in terms of entryways. The site has multiple openings that will force attackers to plan their strategies meticulously. B Arcade is one of the safest ways for attackers to get to the site, but defenders can quickly shoot down the crossing enemies from tunnels and generators if they’re fast enough.  

While it may seem like an attacker-sided map due to double spawns, the middle area heavily balances out the power. It’s comparatively more manageable and quicker for the defenders to hold angles on both sides. They can reach the points quicker due to clear routes towards A and B and lock down the area before attackers get there. 

All in all, Fracture is a relatively well-balanced map that may turn out to be an excellent location for both casual pugs and high-level scrims. It’s recommended to communicate whatever you see on the screen to your teammates if you don’t remember the textbook callouts for a specific location. The site has basic callouts ready, but you may hear newer slang callouts as the map gets older.