All about Makee the Blessed One of the new Halo show’s Covenant

By Nicholas James


Mar 28, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

There’s a new character being introduced in the new Halo show, a human set among the ranks of the Covenant. Who is Makee the Blessed One?

Makee is a human woman who lives amongst the covenant as a respected member of its civilization. This is unthinkable in the base canon of the games, but the Halo show exists in a separate universe known as the Silver Timeline. She only briefly appears in the first episode, but this “Blessed One” is being set up as an important player in the Halo show. So who is Makee?

Who is Makee in the Halo show?

Makee is a human woman who has sided with the Covenant in the new Halo show. The Covenant is a hostile alliance of aliens set on humanity’s destruction. In the first episode, “Contact,” Makee speaks with the Prophet of Mercy about the artifact Master Chief stole from them on the planet of Madrigal in the show’s opening. Makee is referred to as “Blessed One” by the prophet, and given her involvement with the artifact’s retrieval mission, it likely has to do with the Forerunners.

In the Halo universe, an ancient race called the Forerunners decided that humans should be the next race to uphold galactic peace and left their vast solar empire to be recovered by the growing human civilization. These Forerunners are viewed as gods by the alien Covenant, and a human able to wield the technology of their gods would be a holy occurrence. Humanity and the Covenant seem to have interacted very little in the show, so Makee’s status as a holy figure may be due to a misunderstanding of the mechanics of Forerunner technology.

If the Covenant isn’t aware that Forerunner technology can be used by humans, it seems likely that Makee interfaced with a Forerunner artifact during a Covenant raid on her home planet and the aliens saw the interaction as a blessing from their gods. Makee is likely a normal human girl uplifted to holy status by the Prophets’ misunderstanding of humans’ relationship with technology.

Makee is set up to be a foil to Master Chief as a cog in a broken system while also discovering the truth about herself. Her fate in the new Halo series remains to be seen.