Alinity wants Twitch to take action against indiefoxx after bans

By Olivia Richman


Jun 30, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Jenelle “indiefoxx” Dagres is currently dealing with her sixth ban within the span of a few months, and some other streamers are upset about how Twitch is handling it.

Indiefoxx has yet to reveal the reason behind this latest ban, but in the past her bans have been primarily for sexually suggestive content. This includes writing names of subscribers on her chest and farting into the microphone during an ASMR stream. During this latest suspension, other streamers have voiced their opinion on the situation, including Natalia “Alinity” Mogollon.

Alinity creates adult content for OnlyFans just as indiefoxx does, but she isn’t so keen on indiefoxx’s behavior on Twitch. The streamer recently tweeted about the sitiuation, asking if Twitch was going to start doing something about “repeat offenders.” 

“Is it fair game for everyone to start stretching the TOS as thin as they can?” Alinity asked. 

Alinity admitted that she’s benefited from Twitch’s “blurred line” before. This may include when she was able to get away with alleged animal abuse, including potentially sexual contact with her dog. Or it could be the time she accidentally exposed herself during a live broadcast. Alinity even had to beg Twitch for a ban after exposing her genitals. 

“I’ve been benefited by this blurred line before. I then thought it was messed up and I still do. We need consistency and equal treatment. What’s the point of the TOS then?” Alinity asked. 

Alinity discusses inconsistent Twitch bans and indiefoxx

Even though Alinity has received special treatment from Twitch, she explained that “everyone would be fucked” if Twitch decided to actually be consistent with its punishments. The platform has been under attack for years for inconsistent bans and alleged favoritism towards female streamers and big-name stars. 

“Despite if it benefits me or not, I want fair treatment for everyone,” Alinity said. 

Alinity has spoken up about Twitch’s refusal to punish certain content in the past. When indiefoxx and Amouranth were banned earlier this month, Alinity said that sexual content would continue to run rampant on Twitch until longer bans were finally handed out. 

It’s currently unclear how long indiefoxx’s recent ban is. But her most recent bans have all been for three days. 


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