Advienne speaks on being replaced by Mikyx at Excel

By Nicholas James


Jan 26, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Henk “Advienne” Reijenga has spoken out on his sudden replacement as the LEC support for Excel former by Mid-Season Invitational champion Mihael “Mikyx” Mehle.

Advienne was suddenly replaced by Mikyx after the accomplished support player’s contract went without a buyer during the offseason. Advienne posted a Twitlonger explaining his full feelings on his sudden removal from Excel’s main roster.

Advienne replaced by Mikyx

The sudden substitution caught many LEC fans off-guard. Europe’s depth of rookie talent is a point of pride for many fans in the region and this seemingly brazen dropping of a talent development option sat wrong with some of Excel’s fans in particular. In Advienne’s Twitlonger, he details his disappointment in the sudden bitter twist as well as his determination to continue playing at the top level.

Advienne was clearly hurt by the decision but holds no ill will for Excel, Mikyx, or any of his previous teammates. Advienne’s premiere may not have been the perfect debut, but it certainly wasn’t without its positives. The support took the time to address each and every one of his teammates and thank them for their time spent playing together, for their support, and to wish them the best in the future.

Advienne isn’t taking this setback as the end of his pro playing career, however. The support said he’s been allowed by Excel to look elsewhere for opportunities, but there’s no standout organization currently in need of a support player. A replacement so soon after rosters are locked in means the reality of finding a new roster is exceptionally difficult for Advienne, meaning that he might have to wait until later in the year before finding a new starting position at the top level.

Mikyx leaves contract jail, joins Excel

Mikyx’s contract was its own subject of discussion in the offseason, with Mikyx taking to Twitter to comment on G2’s CEO saying it regularly lowered the buyout for Mikyx. Whatever price Mikyx eventually demanded, Excel clearly found it an offer too good to refuse. The repeat LEC champion has had a great career to date, but an offseason that seemed to revolve around backlash from inflated contracts meant he was left without a team to start the LEC spring split.

Mikyx will now be playing with Excel, hoping to show League of Legends fans that he still has what it takes to compete at the game’s highest levels.


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