Advances in gaming in the last decade

By William Davis


Jun 26, 2021

Reading time: 3 min

For decades, gaming has provided enjoyment for millions of people in all its different genres. 

The industry has grown from brick-and-mortar casinos and computer games and has become more vivid and real than ever before. Pixelated graphics and limited noises have become a distant past. Now, gaming strives to improve in parallel with technological advancements.

Change in casinos over the past decade 

The introduction of the internet to the casino industry in 1990 was a watershed moment in gaming. The new possibilities of people gambling in the comfort of their home and taking part in casino games opened up access to an entirely new consumer audience. 

This industry has continued to progress over the past decade. Much has been invented and equipped into the rapidly expanding casino business. Here are some of the most game-changing improvements. 

Improved mobile gaming experience

To get a larger share of the industry, the most renowned online casinos are now offering mobile versions and applications of gaming.

In most cases, mobile gaming is a new trend that allows players to play an endless amount of games such as the ones found here. This can be from the comfort of their own homes, while commuting to work or virtually at anytime and anywhere there is a live internet connection. 

Online casino gaming platforms, which cater to those who use smartphones, have a lot to offer to attract new clients. A gamer may now do a great deal with a single gadget that fits in their pocket. Cars, parks, trains, and buses have all been transformed into mobile casinos. Players may wager on live casino games using their cell phones from just about anywhere. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI)  

For online gamblers, AI is drastically transforming the gambling scene.

AI enables game designers to create high-quality games. They satisfy a player’s expectations, resulting in more effective player engagement. It has proven to be the most significant advancement in the field of intelligent game technology. 

The newest graphics technology recreates the real-world gaming experience. This is by creating an alternative setting and individuals that make you feel like you’re participating in a real-world casino.

Change in gaming consoles and video games pver the past decade

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In 1972, Magnavox introduced the first home video game console called the Magnavox Odyssey. To accentuate the game, it came with board game accouterments like paper money, dice, and cards. It offered features including detachable controllers, interchangeable game cartridges, and light gun attachments that became industry standards in succeeding versions.

It was followed up by the Atari Home Pong, which spawned a slew of clones such as the Colesta Telstar. Colesta Telstart released a series of fourteen consoles. This was the start of gaming entertainment as an industry, and the industry has only become bigger ever since.

In the last decade, there have been releases of a variety of gaming systems, each getting better with time and new releases. The Wii U by Nintendo released in the year 2012 was a successor to the seventh-generation consoles. It then was followed closely by the Xbox One by Microsoft and the PlayStation 4 by Sony.

Now, a new generation of consoles have come out. The PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X are the most powerful consoles gamers have ever seen. It’s just a matter of getting their hands on these elusive systems. 

Bottom line

Innovation has always been at the heart of the gaming business. It is to be expected that new technologies, controls, and experiences will be introduced.

Streaming services and mobile phone game playing will become key income arenas. This will be as the globe shifts to more time spent on their phones. Huge IT companies will want to harness their present structure to be involved