Kim Jong Un impersonator

Adin Ross hits a new record with fake Kim Jong Un interview

By Fariha Bhatti


Sep 21, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Adin Ross has fooled more than 300,000 people with his recent content antic, inviting a fake Kim Jong Un for an interview. 

The idea of Adin interviewing Kim Jong Un has been brimming since Stake was hacked in early September. The co-founder of Kick had jokingly propositioned a wild notion of flying Adin to North Korea, the presumed location of hackers who stole $40 million from Stake. Adin, however, took it too seriously. 

The streamer rocked the entire internet when he announced an exclusive interview with Kim Jong Un. Initially, no one believed him, but Adin claimed that even the US government had warned him to annul the plan, leading many to think he might be serious.

Turns out, it was all a prank. 

Who was the Kim Jong Un impersonator on Adin’s stream?

Adin Ross

Adin Ross had invited a Kim Jong Un impersonator on his Kick livestream who goes by the name Howard X.

The reaction to the fake stream was primarily negative, with people bashing Adin for fooling his followers. Still, Adin formed two new records on Kick with his fake interview. He hit a new peak with 333,506 concurrent viewers, and also the highest viewer drop in just one minute when he featured the Kim Jong Un impersonator on his stream. 

Most new viewers tuned in for the real interview but were let down after Adin revealed Howard X. The stream got weirder when he invited Andrew Tate on his livestream as well. 

Now, a chunk of fans are infuriated that no one would take Adin’s content seriously after this stunt, labeling him as a “clickbait streamer.” However, the other half of the streaming community thinks he would never call Kim Jong Un over for an interview, and those who took it seriously are to blame themselves. 

The latter section has a valid point, considering the Supreme Leader isn’t big on interviews. He has never previously talked to a US news channel in a formal interview setting, and to think Adin would be his first interview is sort of a reach.