Adin Ross faces backlash after begging Hasan to “kill himself”

By Fariha Bhatti


Jun 8, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Kick streamer Adin Ross is once again in hot waters for promoting self-harm and bullying on his social media.

Adin Ross’s content isn’t family-friendly, but the streamer is now testing Twitter and his audience’s limits with inappropriate posts. His recent streak of tweets pointed at Hasan Dogan Piker and gaming journalist Jake Lucky is alarming, sending shockwaves across the community.

On June 7, Adin Ross begged Hasan to take his life after bashing the streamer for pushing a “gay agenda.”

After taking jabs at Hasan, Adin also cursed out gaming journalist Jake Lucky, saying that he deserves to be bullied. As if his tweets were unclear, he posted a short video asking Hasan and Jake Lucky to “end themselves.” He also clarified that he wasn’t on drugs and that he was having fun.

“All s**t aside, Jake Lucky, end yourself. Hasan end yourself. Another guy who tweeted at me, end yourself. Stop doing what you guys are doing, bro. I don’t care. Nobody gives a f**k, I don’t care,” Adin Ross said.

Adin Ross promotes bullying and self-harm


The feud began when Hasan changed his profile picture for pride month. Adin called out the political streamer for not changing his picture during black history month. He alluded that Hasan is pushing LGBTQ narrative on little boys and girls and that he’d go to “hell” for it.

“You’re a creep. You’re going to hell,” Adin Ross said.

Adin’s attack didn’t just stop there. When fans criticized him for streaming pornography, which is inappropriate for underage viewers by any definition, the streamer said that he was flexing that he couldn’t get punished by Kick. It’s noteworthy that Hasan is banned on Kick for no apparent reason, where Adin seemingly owns a percentage.

Both Jake Lucky and Hasan have responded to the tweets, but Kick is yet to speak out about Adin Ross’ posts.

Encouraging someone to self-harm is strictly against Twitch’s policy, and while Adin hasn’t yet been banned from the platform, Kick has taken away his verification. However, fans think that’s not enough.

His tweets have left a negative impression regarding Kick among a broader community that was weighing a switch after Twitch’s new brand policies. According to the community, notable streamers won’t want to be associated with a platform owned by someone who publicly promotes violence.

It remains to be seen how Adin’s tweets impact Kick as a platform currently the top option for streamers upset with Twitch.