Adin Ross ban

Adin Ross announces Twitch return and upcoming stream

By Olivia Richman


Jun 6, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

After a confusing few weeks, Adin Ross has revealed that he’s officially returning to Twitch.

Adin Ross received an indefinite ban from Twitch on April 20. The reason was “hateful slurs or hate group emblems without context or in a harmful manner,” possibly due to some homophobic posts on social media. But Adin Ross has claimed since that he isn’t sure what exactly led to the ban.

It’s now been six weeks and fans were left wondering if Adin Ross would be returning to Twitch. Now, the controversial streamer has given followers an update.

When is Adin Ross returning to Twitch?

Adin Ross’ Twitch ban was lifted on June 4 after six weeks. But the streamer didn’t make an appearance on Twitch, leaving fans confused. Instead, Adin Ross dropped a teaser called “MY NEXT CHAPTER” on Twitter.

“I don’t know what to do. I don’t know where I’m going to stream. I’m losing myself, bro,” Adin Ross said in the video.

But was soon revealed that Adin Ross will be doing more gambling streams on Twitch thanks to a partnership with Stake, a crypto and sports betting platform. The video then states that Adin Ross will be streaming on June 6 at 8 PM EST.

For now, it’s unclear what is exactly in store for this “next chapter,” but fans are expecting special guests and Just Chatting broadcasts in the meantime.

Is Adin Ross staying on Twitch?

For now, it seems that Adin Ross is staying on Twitch despite a stream of controversy. He has nearly 6 million followers on the streaming platform and his channel continues to grow consistently.

Some of Adin Ross’ friends, however, have been permanently banned from Twitch, including IShowSpeed and JiDion.


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