Abilities of new LoL champion Zeri revealed in leaked trailer

By Nicholas James


Jan 6, 2022

Reading time: 3 min

Riot Games can’t seem to plug the holes in its publicity machine as yet another piece of content, this time a trailer revealing the abilities of new champion Zeri, has been leaked.

After the League of Legends Universe biography went live for Zeri before it was meant to, her champion reveal trailer has also been leaked, showing off the first glimpses at her abilities. Since the leak, the full official video has gone live.

Zeri is a Zaunite vigilante and freedom fighter who channels her emotions into magical bursts of lightning used in tandem with a gun forged by her mother. In the champion reveal trailer, Zeri interrupts Zaunite thugs assaulting a man who appears to be from Urgot’s gang given their resemblance to his goons in the “Awaken” cinematic.

Zeri drops from a bridge, struggles for a moment to get her powers to work. Then green lightning courses through her body as she takes aim before the scene switches to in-game reveals. Zeri has been teased to be a lightning-quick and hyper-mobile AD carry capable of flitting around a skirmish to decimate foes. From what’s seen in the leaked video, this promise is holding true.

What are new LoL champion Zeri’s abilities?

In the first footage of Zeri, she is saving an allied Janna from an enemy Twitch and Warwick. As Zeri arrives, she fires off a linear skill shot of lightning that strikes Twitch. Then Zeri dashes downwards before striking Twitch with her auto-attack, which takes the form of a cone of lightning.

It’s possible that the unique auto-attack mechanic Zeri possesses that Riot was teasing is an AoE auto-attack similar to Graves. Zeri then dashes and uses the same skill shot once more to clean up the fight. It’s likely that both the skill shot and her dash are two of her basic abilities, leaving only one more basic ability and her ultimate yet to decipher.


In the next clip, Zeri dashes away from an incoming Urgot before activating some sort of shield that keeps her from dying to the shotgun-legged monster. This shield could be part of her passive triggered by Urgot, but it seems to be an activated ability. This would leave Zeri with a linear damage skill shot, a dash, and a shield. This lack of damaging basic abilities means much of her damage will be tied up in her unique auto-attacks.

In the next clip, Zeri charges up near her allied tri-bush in the bottom lane before flinging herself over the terrain and into the faces of the enemy bot lane. How this ability works is unclear and could be her final basic ability, if the shield is a part of another ability or her passive. This would be a strong means of terrain traversal that would allow her to explode into dangerous positions and surprise the enemy.

Finally, Zeri is being chased by the enemy team when she doubles back, channels for a brief moment, and then explodes with electricity. This is almost certainly Zeri’s ultimate.

Once it’s active, Zeri glows with green light and has greatly increased attack and movement speed, at least compared to the other clips. At the same time, her auto-attacks look slightly different than the conal burst of sparks seen in earlier clips, forming distinct lines of golden electricity.


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