A preseason 2023 new jungler guide

Nicholas James • November 22, 2022 8:01 pm

The jungle in League of Legends has had a serious rework heading into preseason 2023. If you’re thinking about picking up the role, here’s a Preseason 2023 new jungler guide.

The jungle is a difficult role to adapt to, being fundamentally different from other roles involving playing inside of a lane. Here’s a basic guide for getting you familiar with your job as a jungler and how to stalk the fog of war on Summoner’s Rift like your nightmare enemy team’s jungler.

Preseason 2023 jungle guide

This preseason has made the jungle infinitely more friendly for beginners than it was before. The first big change in helping new players is that the game will tell you the best jungle camp clear order for your champion on the screen.

When you load in, icons on the map will show you the first three camps that you should worry about, from there you just press Tab at any given time in order to see the next suggested camps. This can be a blessing and a curse, don’t obey these as gospel and be willing to break up the path to counter-jungle and take the fight to your opponent. You deal less damage to enemy camps now, however, so be careful about early invades.

New jungle pets that scale their bonuses and your smite’s damage with camps cleared have shifted the dynamic of the jungle. You are best-served by looking to constantly be accumulating jungle farm to level up your smite and trying to be the first one to objectives with your new smite. Junglers who are taking the preseason changes well include Evelynn, Mordekaiser, Trundle, Shyvana, Vi, Skarner, and Warwick.

Things to remember as a new jungler

One key part of learning the jungle role is getting an idea of how your teammates’ champions perform in lane. The important part of any gank is having enough crowd control and damage to lock down and kill the opponent laner. If you’re a tanky jungler like Maokai, Vi, or Warwick, look for high-damage teammates. If you’re a damage dealer like Evelynn or Elise, try to gank lanes that have consistent crowd control to lock down opponents long enough to kill them.

Otherwise, focus on being present for objectives, removing enemy vision from neutral areas, and getting your team ahead through objective play rather than purely fighting.


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