Destiny 2 The Final Shape leak

New Destiny 2 subclass leaked before The Final Shape

By Olivia Richman


Jul 19, 2023

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Destiny 2 leaks are pointing to a new subclass ahead of The Final Shape.

The Final Shape is the working title for the eighth expansion of Destiny 2, described as the final content pack for The Light and Darkness Saga “where all events up until then will come to a head.” It’s most likely coming out in 2024 and, since it’s still a bit far away, not much is known.

But it looks like some leaks may have revealed a bit of what fans can expect.

Destiny 2 leaked footage shows red subclass

Destiny 2 currently has three light subclasses and two dark subclasses. Recently leaked footage shows that we might be getting a third and final dark subclass.

Recently deleted footage surfaced online earlier this week showing a leak of the next Destiny 2 subclass. The video showed a red charge system, meaning the subclass is most likely red. There’s also a new icon and a new super equipped.

Joked one fan: “Bungie is leaking a red subclass so that the Siva implants start buzzing in Destiny players’ brains, making them preorder The Final Shape.”

Another wrote: “If I had a nickel for every time Bungie accidentally leaked a new subclass in a video showcase of their animation work, I’d have two nickels.”

This is a reference to a previous subclass getting leaked before Lightfall launched. A video surfaced online that showed the Strand subclass before its official announcement. Since this ended up being true, fans are assuming that this Destiny 2 leak is also pretty legitimate and will result in an official announcement of a dark subclass in the future.

There will be a showcase for The Final Shape in August. Destiny 2 players are hoping Bungie will announce the subclass and other interesting content and story information during this presentation.


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