Leak shows first look at possible new LoL champion Renata

Nicholas James • January 26, 2022 2:08 pm

It looks like a new League of Legends champion named Renata was data mined from the Chinese version of Teamfight Tactics.

Renata appears to be the new support with a dark theme that is slated to be released next. Renata was meant to be introduced after Zeri late last year, but Riot pushed their releases to 2022. Thanks to data mining for the Chinese version of Teamfight Tactics’ mid-set update, fans are getting their first look at what might be the new champion.

Who is the new LoL champion Renata?

Renata is likely a new support champion coming to League of Legends.

A few things are known about the upcoming support. Firstly, they’re going to be an enchanter that is very likely from Zaun, given clues sprinkled ahead of her release. For a while, the clues of what seemed to be a Chembaron with powerful purple concoctions led fans to Legends of Runeterra’s Corina Veraza. Riot Games has pulled a bait and switch here, introducing a brand new character to the world. Renata was pulled from files concerning the Chinese port of Teamfight Tactics’ next big update.

In images previewing her arrival, the new LoL champion who is presumably Renata has a prosthetic arm and a large metal container filled with what seems to be Shimmer. Shimmer is a rage-inducing drug that was shown in Arcane that effectively turns people into an Incredible Hulk-like figure. A Chembaron with a large supply of Shimmer fits the fantasy of a dark enchanter well, supercharging their allies with Voidborn substances to increase their power.

Specific language about ‘going berserk’ has been used by developers around Renata, so seeing an ultimate or ability that turns an ally into an enormous threat via stat boots seems likely. Fans have also noted that the subreddit r/RenataMains not only exists but is mysteriously private.

If she does prove to be the new champion, Riot has hidden her identity well by giving her similar thematic and aesthetic elements to Corina Veraza. Renata is likely to arrive before the upcoming Void jungler, so fans can expect her in the next few patches.


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