OW Contenders team replaces players hours before game, still wins

Where there’s a will there’s a way, or so the saying goes. Rarely has it been more true than for Overwatch North America Contenders team Second Wind, who recently overcame some significant odds to beat Chicken Contendies 3-2.

On April 7, half of Second Wind’s roster left to pursue opportunities elsewhere. The team’s tank lineup, comprised of main tank Normund “sharyk” Faterins and off-tank Daniel “Gods” Graeser, left for Montreal Rebellion, a team affiliated with Overwatch League organization Toronto Defiant. Nicholas “speedy” Zou also left the team, though he has yet to announce his next step.

With a mere six hours to go before a scheduled Contenders match against Chicken Contendies, Second Wind cobbled together a makeshift team comprised of former players and players on loan from Open Division and Contenders Europe teams.

When asked if he could sub in for Second Wind, “ezire” responded with “KK I've been playing skyrim the past 2 days so my brig (Brigitte) should be clean.”

The new Second Wind got a mere hour of practice in before the match.

Second Wind’s effort to even remain competitive in the match against Chicken Contendies was dramatic. Contendies isn’t a bad team, currently ranked fifth in the NA Contenders standings. The side notably boasts the services of fan-favorite DPS and off-tank player Anthony “harbleu” Ballo.

Second Wind are currently ranked second in the NA Contenders region behind only Fusion University. The team has already qualified for the playoffs no matter how it ends the stage or who the team is forced to field on short notice.

Thus far, no one has been able to upset the dominant Fusion University team in Contenders. The Philadelphia Fusion’s developmental squad has won both Season 1 and Season 2 of the league. Fusion University were particularly oppressive to play against during Season 2, where the team notched an 18-2 record.

Second Wind’s next game will be against the Montreal Rebellion and their former tank duo on April 15.

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