Data mining uncovers five brand new weapons in Apex Legends

Apex Legends may be releasing new weapons in the near future.

While Respawn Entertainment has not officially announced any new weapons since the release of the Havoc Energy Rifle, data miners have uncovered some new weapons deep in the game's files. These five weapons are called the EPG, Softball, Defender, Archer, and the ARL. 

The EPG is already a weapon in Titanfall 2, where it's an extremely powerful energy weapon. The Softball is also a Titanfall 2 weapon that is quite powerful, functioning as a grenade launcher. Then there's the Defender, which appears to be heavily inspired by the game's Chare Rifle. 

The two other weapons are the Archer, which is a rocket launcher, and the ARL.

The leaked weapons were announced on Real Apex Leaks, a Twitter account that has over 8,000 followers. The anonymous account featured five artist rendered images of the leaked weapons datamined from the game's files. 

Their favorite leaked weapon appeared to be the ARL.

"I kinda like this gun tbh," the account said. 

New Apex Legends weapons have been leaked by dataminers

It's no surprise that some of the guns featured in Apex Legends would be taken from Titanfall 2. The popular battle royal actually takes place in the same universe as do the Titanfall games, even though it does not include the game's signature combat mechs.

In fact, developer Respawn Entertainment was on their way to developing Titanfall 3 when they decided to enter the battle royal scene instead. Titanfall 3 is currently not under development. 

There is no set release date for these five weapons, but fans speculate that they'll be officially announced soon since they're already in the game files. There's also rumors that the weapons could be revealed as season two battle pass exclusives. 

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