Apex Legends patch 1.1 makes life easier for most players

A new patch has been released for Apex Legends and is available to players after updating game clients.

Patch 1.1 focuses on quality of life improvements, offering a few UI updates, extra settings, and various stability updates.

A new feature has been added to enable teams of players combined through matchmaking to continue playing games with the same squad. When completing a match and returning to the lobby, players will now see an option to invite the last two squad members that they played with to a new party.

For those that find strangers they play particularly well with and want to keep those teams rolling, this is a major update. For those that aren’t too keen on the idea, developer Respawn Entertainment has added an option to opt out of the of this invitation system in the friends menu settings.

Alongside the friends system improvements, the options for reporting players have been further fleshed out as well. Previously, the only option for reporting players was for cheating. This has now been expanded. Players now have a second option in the reporting form titled “other,” allowing for easier reports for greifling. This however has only been implemented on PC.

Features to mute the intro and legend selection have been added for those who might find it a little repetitive after enough games played, along with an option to turn off the lighting effects for Chroma compatible devices in the game’s options.

There have also been a few minor UI updates to the legend customisation screen that developers hope will make the process a little more user-friendly.

Though community manager Jay “Jayfresh” Frechette didn’t go into too much detail on the added stability updates in his patch notes, it was still something that he wanted to share with the players. Players will also find that crash reports on PC have a few new error codes and descriptions to better help identify future bugs and fixes.

Finally, Jayfresh added that new methods of catching cheaters have been added to the game.

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