Fortnite Duos Luxe Cup info and $100,000 prize pool revealed

Epic Games has announced all of the details for its Fortnite Duos Luxe Cup. 

Just after last weekend's Blackheart Cup, Fortnite is hosting another online cup with $100,000 in prize money on the line. 

While many details are similar to past online tournaments, this is the first competition to use Fortnite's new Arena Mode that was introduced in Patch 8.20. Similar to ranked play in most competitive titles, the Fortnite ranking system is focused on tiers. But instead of working their way to Platinum or Challenger, competitive Fortnite players will be working their way from the Open League to the Champion League. 

Ranked players in Champion League will have the chance to compete in online open qualifiers for the $30 million Fortnite World Cup. 

For this weekend's Luxe Cup, Fortnite's ranked system will filter who is allowed to compete. Players must be in the Contenders League in Duos Arena Mode to unlock the Luxe Cup semifinals on Saturday. The Finals on Sunday will start with the top 1,500 teams in each region competing in a three-hour window, playing up to 10 matches each. 

As per usual, Fortnite's Luxe Cup is divided into North America East and West, Europe, Brazil, Oceania, and Asia. North America East's first-place winners will receive $5,000. West's winners are looking at a $2,500 prize. Europe's winners will receive $6,000. Brazil and Asia both have a $2,600 grand prize. The Oceania region has a first place award of $2,000.

These first-place prizes are almost twice as much as the amount received for first place finishers in the Blackheart Cup. As before, prize amounts are determined primarily by the number of players competing in each region.

All of the prize allocation information has been announced on Reddit here

To compete in the Luxe Cup, players must have an account level of 15 or higher and have two-factor authentication enambled. 

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