Sweeping changes to weapons, attachments arrive in PUBG update 27

A major balance patch has arrived in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, bringing changes to nearly every firearm in the game.

After a week on test servers, Update 27 has arrived to the main client. The update brings sweeping changes to attachments, a slew of balance changes, and a reset to PUBG’s seasonal content.

The highlight of the patch is the addition of the MP5K. The new sub-machine gun has been added as an exclusive weapon to the Vikendi map, where it replaces the Vector. The MP5K trades the lightning fast spray of the Vector for a more traditional mid-range performance.

It carries a base damage of 33, and can utilize all SMG attachments including the Tactical Stock. Though it does not shoot as quickly as the Vector, it still boasts a relatively high 900 RPM fire rate. The one area it has a clear advantage over the Vector is ammo capacity, holding 30 rounds by default, expanded to 40 with an extended magazine.

While the MP5K is an interesting addition to the game, the biggest change in the patch is an overhaul and consolidation of weapon attachments.

Pistol and SMG attachments have been merged. Magazines, suppressors, and certain other items can be freely switched between the two weapon types. Also merging together are the various bullet loop attachments for shotguns, the Win94, and the Kar85K. These have been combined into a single “Ammo Loop” attachment that can be used on any of these weapons.

Also changed as a result of the attachment mergers are weapon spawn rates. With redundant attachments removed, the void has been filled with increased drop rates for all weapon types, with SMGs, assault rifles, and DMRs all popping up between 12 and 16 percent more often.

Finally, a number of direct weapon changes were also made. All sniper rifles and SMGs have received buffs to damage dealt both to the body and to limbs. The M16A4 received a sizable upgrade with a reduction in damage drop-off at long ranges, and it can now equip the tactical stock and canted sights attachments. The MK47 Mutant is now capable of equipping the tactical stock.

A number of other weapons received a mix of buffs and debuffs. The Vector has received a boost to its ammo capacity, which is partly offset by a drop in its fire rate. The UMP9 has been archived and replaced with the UMP45, which uses 45ACP rounds with a reduced ammo capacity.

The update will also include a new Survival Title season alongside a new battle pass in the Survivor Pass 3: Wild Card. The third Survival Title season will allow players to more efficiently climb the ladder and will include a revamped reward system. The Survivor Pass 3 will add new daily and weekly missions alongside an extra set of challenges for new players, which are used to unlock up to 60 rewards.

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