Shroud explains why he prefers hold over toggle ADS in Valorant

Are you confused about toggling your scope or keeping it on hold? First-person shooter expert Michael "shroud" Grzesiek has an answer. 

On his recent streamer, the former Counter-Strike: Global Offensive professional player demonstrated the difference between the two scope settings in Valorant and explained that "hold" for Marshall and Operator is "absolutely insane."

Unlike other shooter games like CSGO, ADS (aim downsight) or scoped shooting is quite popular in Valorant. Many players use the convenient feature even on primary rifles like Vandal and Phantom. Thus, the debate whether toggle is good or default hold is standard. While it may not seem necessary on the surface, many players argue that the minor difference can heavily impact your gameplay. 

The difference may be negligible on rifles but it's actually massive on scoped weapons like Marshall and Operator, shroud explains. 

The toggle feature allows you to set a proper key-bind that will keep your weapon scoped in. This enables you to take as many shots as needed at whatever range. Many players coming in from games like Call of Duty prefer toggle since holding an additional button down sometimes degrades the aim. However, pressing the click by default can be quicker and more effective in Valorant, shroud said. 

"Hold in, Valorant is fucking insane. It's really good for aggressive AWPers who want to take an angle. It's really crazy in Marshall," shroud said. 

The Valorant streamer demonstrated the scope speed on both settings, and it was evident that holding the click was much quicker than a toggle. The lockout for the toggle was much longer for Marshall and Operator, whereas the hold mechanic looked much like CSGO AWP, which is often compared with Valorant's less viable OP.

Keeping the scope settings on hold may help players feel more confident in their aim. The quick-scope also warrants more kills as compared to toggle. However, if you're playing on larger maps like Breeze, keeping it toggle won't hurt.

For primary AWPers, this piece of information can be a game-changer since every second counts when you're sniping in high-ranked games. Many Valorant pros avoid using the toggle feature as it can slow you down in fast-paced games. 

How to double scope in Valorant? 

Not a lot of players know this but double-scoping in Valorant with the Operator is actually possible. Here's how you can zoom in with OP. 

  • Go to your Valorant settings
  • Go to Controls
  • Find the "Toggle zoom level" option 
  • Set it on any key closer to the fire button 
  • Press scope-in (hold/toggle) key and then press zoom key to double scope


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