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This newly discovered 1-way wallbang on Split is totally unfair

Split is "literally unplayable" now.

Players are ranting after discovering this new wallbang spot that is downright unfair. Split, one of the original Valorant maps, has been bug-free since its release. However, a player discovered a wallbang spot on the map which is seemingly too good to be intentional. 

"Wallbangs" are common in shooters, allowing players to damage enemies who are hiding behind cover. With the help of the right weapons and angles, players can shoot through surfaces to deal damage to enemy targets. However, some wallbang spots are unbelievably overpowered and can be a nuisance in ranked games. This new one discovered by Valorant players belongs in the latter category, and players want it remedied as soon as possible. 

The porous wall was found by a player who got shot down from an unknown angle during a ranked game. Since Split has very few thin walls, the affected player was left confused. He tried various angles in a custom game to confirm his suspicion and finally found the weak spot. It turned out that the wall connecting sewers and A-main allows bullet penetration, which can soften the enemy on the other side. 

The opponent had picked up a powerful weapon like Odin or Vandal and spammed it on the sewer's wall after picking intel from his teammates on point A. The bullets penetrated through the solid wall and injured the player on the other side of the map.

While wallbangs are a normal part of the game, players are furious that this new spot isn't logical. The sewer walls should be too thick to let bullets pass through. Not only that, but the wallbang only works one way, which is why this is likely a bug. Many players are calling out the developer to disable the map before bad actors start exploiting the bug to climb ranks. 

When is the new Valorant map coming?

The developer dropped a new agent in Kay/O in Episode 3, Act 1, so players should expect a new map to come out in the next act. Episode 3, Act 2 will likely release on August 24, according to various leaks. 

Valorant's year one cinematic wasn't just an anniversary compilation, but it was loaded with easter eggs about the next agent and map. The trailer provides a closer look at a floating island that could be the seventh map in the series. The opening screen gives a closer look at the significantly deteriorated Kingdom facility.

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