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Ranked Arenas will launch with Apex Legends Season 10

Apex Legends developers have finally confirmed a ranked mode for Arenas. 

When Arenas launched in Apex Legends, fans of the battle royale immediately wondered if Arenas would become a better mode for competitive players. Some even debated if it would become the new Apex Legends esports format. But there was a problem: in the fact that there's no ranked Arenas mode. That's about to change. 

Apex Legends Season 10 will bring Ranked Arenas mode to the game. Season 10 is most likely dropping August 3, meaning it's less than a month away. This was confirmed during EA Play Future of FPS earlier today. A ranked mode will up the ante in this popular permanent mode, possibly enticing more pros to switch from the battle royale mode. 

Arenas is a three vs. three game mode in Apex Legends that has a lot of similarities to the most well-known and successful FPS esport, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Between rounds, players purchase weapons, upgrades, and abilities. The map becomes throughout the round, forcing players into aggressive combat. 

Ranked Arenas has been a highly sought-after addition to Apex Legends for a while. Developers have teased the possibility in the past but it was never confirmed. 

For now, players will have to use a "hidden MMR-style rating system" for Arenas pubs. Luckily, Season 10 is not far away. 

What is sudden death in Apex Arenas? 

If a winner hasn't emerged, the ninth round of Apex Legends' Arenas mode, the game advances to "sudden death." The winner of this round will win the entire game. 

Is Rampart good in Arenas?

Rampart hasn't seen a lot of success in Apex Legends' battle royale mode, but a lot of people enjoy using her in Arenas. Her Amped Cover ability provides great protection for her team, allowing them to avoid damage while holding the high ground. 

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