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Apex Legends devs address game crashes and matchmaking issues

Apex Legends players were focused on hackers for much of the past few days. But apparently that's not the only issue in developer Respawn Entertainment's popular battle royale right now. 

After the game's Genesis update, fans of the game have realized a few things were going horribly wrong. Players using the "Frag Out" banner with Bloodhound and Rampart noticed that the game would crash. Developers acknowledged this bug and advised players to unequip the banner. But that's not all. The matchmaking has also had issues, especially for high ranks, Masters and Apex Predators. 

"The Apex team is investigating an issue that's preventing matchmaking for highly ranked (Masters+) players," Respawn said. "We've identified the problem and are working on the solution now."

Respawn developers responded a bit later with new updates. According to the developers, the issues with matchmaking will take "up tp 72 hours" to fix. This is due to QA requirements. The banner issue was not given any solid update or fix. Instead, developers just instructed players not to use the banner and to also tell others to unequip the frame. 

In response, some players noted that even opening the banner tab in character customization will crash the game. The texture will show with errors and some will appear as orange and purple squares. This is an issue exclusive to PlayStation players because the banners came from the PlayStation Plus pack. But crossplay teammates playing via other platforms may experience issues when competing alongside PlayStation players. 

Apex Legends developers were probably hoping the outcry over the recent influx of cheaters in ranked play would die down, but they likely weren't banking on it being because game-breaking bugs had hit the game's live client.

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