Overwatch pro xQc quits GTA RP in the most dramatic way possible

Controversial streamer Felix “xQc” Legyel may not be in the Overwatch League anymore, but that hasn’t stopped his fans from being entertained by his antics.

Viewers were caught off guard when xQc killed off his character, Jean-Pierre, on Grand Theft Auto 5’s roleplay server NoPixel.

“I will cherish these moments forever,” xQc said to fellow Twitch streamer Pokelawls before jumping off the roof of a tall building. Pokelawl’s online persona, Boggs Dann, could only watch in horror as Jean-Pierre fell to his death with emotional background music amping up the drama.

While it’s unclear if xQc will start streaming Grand Theft Auto RP with a new character in the future, there is speculation that he may be done with NoPixel for good after having received negative feedback from his viewers.

After one particular instance where xQc raged in response to poor feedback on stream, fans took to Reddit to discuss his in-game actions. According to one Reddit user, it wasn't xQc role playing “as an asshole” that made him "fail" at roleplaying, it was that his aggressive actions lacked context. On one cited occasion he allegedly ran around “screaming and trying to kill people” without reason.

According to passionate GTA roleplaying fans, the game has a rule where your character forgets everything when you are respawned. Despite this unspoken roleplaying agreement, xQc developed a reputation for repeatedly dying, respawning, and then going right after the person who had taken him out. When one of the online players finally told him to “back off,” xQc allegedly started calling people “white knights and cucks.”

xQc recently took to social media to address the way his fans have been treating him for his in-game actions and decisions.

“I know this might come to some of you as a surprise, but when streamers are playing RP, the character they are playing isn’t real,” xQc said.

He went on to explain that he purposely makes choices in the game that he wouldn’t make in real life, distancing himself from his character's actions and asking fans to give him a little more space.

“Stop being so aggressive. It ruins it for everyone," xQc said.

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