Apex Legends gets new patch with buffs, nerfs, and new legend Octane

Respawn Entertainment has introduced a number of updates and changes to live servers for Apex Legends.

Community Manager Jay “Jayfresh” Frechette released a full list of patch notes for the update on Reddit, which included a number of balance updates, quality of life changes, and bug fixes for the game.

Three of the original legends have been adjusted with the patch.

Caustic has a reduced cooldown on both his Trap and Gas Grenade abilities. The former has been reduced 25 seconds from 30, while the grenades will be available for use every two minutes, a decrease of 30 seconds. The ability’s proximity radius has been increased by 10%.

Pathfinder can now add an extra two beacons with his Insider Knowledge ability, while Bangalore has been nerfed with a reduced speed bonus through the Double Time ability. The new bonus is 30%, reduced from 40%.

All three of these legends have also received a hitbox adjustment to more closely represent their respective character models.

Alongside the new hero updates, a few additional features have been added to the game. Players caught cheating or griefing will no longer have to be reported via an online form, as PC and console players can now access an in-game report system. Accessibility options have been improved within the game, with additional colorblind settings and the ability to adjust subtitle sizes.

Apex Legends now also supports Razer Chroma products and offers a range of programmed color changes for events such as when loot is opened, when an ultimate ability is ready, or when fresh damage is taken.

The changes have arrived with the new battle pass season and new legend Octane.

Octane’s stim-pack related abilities have now been revealed, though they do not come as a surprise to players due to earlier leaks. To obtain the new Legend, players will have to pay 12,000 Legend Tokens or 750 Apex coins.

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