Valkyrie Apex Legends Season 9 / Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends Legacy Battle Pass revealed for Season 9

Apex Legends has a lot of major updates set to arrive in the store tomorrow when Season 9 drops. In anticipation of that, Respawn Entertainment has decided to share all of the information about the Season 9 battle pass coming May 4. 

From what fans can gather, Season 9 is going to be the battle royale's biggest update yet. This includes an entirely new permanent tactical shooter-like game mode named Arenas, and a new legend in Valkyrie. There's also a new weapon and other impactful updates. As per usual, there will be a Battle Pass that brings exclusive rewards for players to unlock. 

What's in the Apex Legends Season 9 Battle Pass?

Respawn Entertainment dropped a trailer for the Battle Pass earlier today, showing off Rampart's striking and sneaky Kitsune skin, Wraith's Demon Whisper skin, the Way of the Serpent Spitfire skin, music packs, loading screens, banners, and gun charms. Holographic sprays, quips, and skydive emotes.

"There's nowhere to hide in the Arenas so you'll want to arrive looking your best," the trailer exclaimed. 

How much is the Battle Pass in Season 9?

For penny-pinching players, there are some rewards players can earn without spending any money. This includes Valkyrie's character skin, seven Apex Packs, 12 weapon skins, legend win trackers, a music pack, and 400 Apex coins. 

Players can unlock the Season 9 Battle Pass the standard way or via a bundle. The regular Battle Pass is 950 Apex coins, making it the cheapest option. Apex fans who are willing to spend a little more can buy a bundle for 2,800 Apex coins which unlocks the first 25 tiers of the Battle Pass right away. That includes Rampart's Kitsune skin. 

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