800,000+ viewers watch G2 vs. Sentinels at VCT Masters Berlin

By Christian Vejvad


Sep 15, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

VCT Masters Berlin is delivering on all fronts so far as the best Valorant teams in the world face off on LAN, but two teams are attracting more attention than the rest. 

So far, Sentinels and G2 Esports have been the teams that viewers have been most interested in by far. The two star-studded rosters are playing in the same group, which means two best-of-three series between the two have already been played. Both of those matches have had the highest peak viewership totals of the tournament, but the most recent match where G2 ran away with a surprising 2-0 victory took the cake.

According to Esports Charts, this match reached a peak of 811,370 viewers which is around 3,000 more than the first match between the two. Both matches were very close and competitive, but the most recent one got an extra boost from the European crowd as G2 ended up beating Sentinels. This is the first time Sentinels have been beaten during a LAN event, so the result was something special. 

With this win for G2 and thousands of fans backing up through the official stream and the co-streams, the team is looking to advance as the first seed out of group D. This wasn’t seen as being in the cards before the tournament, as Sentinels has been the pre-tournament favorite in many people’s eyes. 

Sentinels and G2 qualify for VCT Masters Berlin playoffs

Despite Sentinels being favorites, G2 showed that the North American squad is by no means unbeatable and that the fight for the VCT Masters Berlin trophy is still completely open. 

Both G2 and Sentinels have secured a spot in the playoffs, where teams such as 100 Thieves, Team Envy, Vision Strikers, and KRÛ Esports are locked in as well.

There are still two spots left in open for the playoffs. One of them will be secured by either Acend or SuperMassive Blaze in group A, while the other will be given to either Gambit Esports or Crazy Raccoon. 

Since two of the biggest organizations in the game have already showcased how high the viewer numbers can go, it’s unknown if the peak of over 811,000 will be beaten. One thing that fans of the game already know is that the viewership potential in Valorant is already looking promising with the official stream and co-streams pulling in such impressive numbers. 

VCT Masters Berlin will continue with the last round of the group stage before entering the playoffs on Friday, September 17.