Apex Legends

Popular PC battle royale Apex Legends is finally coming to mobile

Electronic Arts and Respawn Studios have announced that the beta version of Apex Legends' mobile is rolling out as soon as this month. 

The battle royale game was released for PC in 2019 and has since then made waves for its unique gameplay, legend abilities, and thorough gunplay. After earning its stripes in the PC ecosystem, Apex Legends is debuting in a whole new mobile gaming arena. 

The developer is now following in the footsteps of other successful PC games that made it big in the mobile market by releasing a beta in two regions. The portable version will be accessible later this month in India and the Philippines. 

"Beginning later this month, we're kicking off the first regional beta tests for Apex Legends Mobile. This is a huge moment for our team. Two years ago we changed the landscape of the battle royale genre, and now we're aiming to do it again on mobile," Chad Grenier, Game Director on Apex Legends said.

EA teased Apex Legends mobile in October 2019, but no significant development was reported. However, the announcement had players eagerly waiting to try out the battle royale on their mobile devices. After a year, EA has revealed that players can get a flavour of the highly anticipated mobile game on the play store before the official release. 

Apex Legends is a high tech battle-royale game, which is why the first phase of testing will have limited features. A "few thousands" of players from India and the Philippines can download the mobile battle royale from Playstore to become part of exclusive testing. However, the beta version will be accessible on only Android devices in the Spring of 2021. iOS support is promised to arrive shortly after the first phase of testing. 

The developer has revealed that the portable version of the popular game is specially designed for touchscreens with streamlined controls and careful optimization that result in the most advanced battle royale combat. It remains to be seen how it fares against blockbuster mobile games like PUBG.

When is Apex Legends mobile releasing? 

Players from India and the Philippines can download a beta version later in April, the publisher has revealed. The official release date hasn't been announced yet but it'll likely take some time as the game is still in the first testing phase. 

Mobile versions of battle royale games have seen incredible success among the players. PUBG mobile's breakthrough in 2018 set a precedent for older PC games like Call of Duty, which later jumped on the mobile gaming bandwagon. Apex Legend is the latest game to join hit mobile battle royales in 2021. 

The mobile version won't be any lesser than its high-end PC variant with an extensive player base. Apex Legend mobile will be just as thorough and will have its own battle passes, collectible cosmetics, and unique unlockable features found in the PC version. 

Players will be able to pre-register to book a slot for beta testing available to limited players in India and the Philippines. The publisher hasn't released an exact date or mobile specifications, but more updates should come out soon. 

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