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When does the Overwatch 2021 Anniversary event begin?

Due to the lack of content stemming from the developers working on Overwatch 2, Overwatch fans have little to look forward to besides the staple events. Next up is the Overwatch 2021 Anniversary event, celebrating another year of the game. 

The Anniversary event typically starts in late May, just a few weeks after the Overwatch Archives event. By looking at past events, which have seen the Anniversary event start around May 20, fans can expect the event to launch either May 18 or May 25 and run until mid-June. 

What's new in the Overwatch Anniversary 2021 event?

Nothing has been leaked to fans just yet about what might come with the Anniversary event. Typically, during this event, fans are given more skins, emotes, sprays, and voice lines, among other cosmetics. The Anniversary event in particular is known for the dances that it gives the characters. The newest character, Echo, was released before the 2020 Anniversary event, so fans can expect that all of the dance emotes will be purchasable with only 250 coins instead of the 750 currency it takes to buy a newly released emote.

The Anniversary event is usually a fan favorite as well because it unlocks every single thing that was released during an event preceding it. Because of this, fans are often told not to purchase anything during the Archives event because new skins will be available to purchase with currency at a reduced price. The only exception is that players cannot attain weekly challenge rewards from past events.

In addition to the lower-priced skins, any unlockable item, whether it be a skin, a voice line, a player icon, or a spray can show up in a loot box. This includes events such as the Winter Wonderland event, Summer Games, and more. If fans are looking for the opportune time to purchase loot boxes, this event would be the best variety for the money.

When will fans hear news regarding Overwatch 2?

Because the Anniversary event means more to Blizzard than just another event that adds new cosmetic content, fans expect that they might also hear news regarding Overwatch 2 in a developer update. 

The game is turning five years old this year and it is the first year that Overwatch will see new game designer Aaron Keller take the helm. In his letter to the fans regarding former game director Jeff Kaplan's departure, Keller assured fans that they would receive more Overwatch 2 information soon. 

Fans think there is no better time than the fifth anniversary to share the news, but so far there has been no indication of when fans can learn more about the game. 

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