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Apex Legends reveals new legend Valkyrie before season 9

Apex Legends released an animated short as part of its "Stories from the Outlands" series. This one was called Northstar and featured Valkyrie, the battle royale's newest legend. 

The story follows Valkyrie as a child where she attempts to follow in her father's footsteps as a Northstar Titan pilot. Her father ended up dying one of these "death traps" and it made others in Valkyrie's life wary of her attempting to do the same. Those worries from friends and family didn't deter her, though. 

As an adult, Valkyrie became one of the "best pilots" out there. But she also was after Kuben Blisk, a villain from Titanfall 2. It's not said in the trailer, but it appears that Valkyrie blames Blisk for the death of her father. She hunts Blisk down to get revenge for her father but Blisk simply tells her that her dad knew the risk of being a pilot. He tells Valkyrie to make her own legacy instead of avenging his. 

"He knew what he was fighting for. Do you?" Blisk asks her. "So are you a pilot or just the sobbing daughter of one?"

"My call sign is Valkyrie. And you'll live to remember it," she answers. 

The ending of the short shows Valkyrie working on a mech and preparing for Apex Legends. 

Who is Valkyrie?

A legend named Valk has been on players' radars since Season 2. It looks like that legend is actually Valkyrie, a female pilot and smuggler who will become the next legend when Season 9 drops in May. 

Chad Grenier mentioned Valkyrie in a recent interview, stating that he hoped players in Japan would like the character. This pointed at the pilot being from Japan or having Japanese origins. This ended up being true, according to the Northstar short. Players also knew for a while that the Japanese legend was a pilot thanks to a lot of data mining and hints from Apex Legends itself. 

Data miners found the following abilities for Valkyrie: 

  • Passive — VTOL Jets: After jumping, Valkyrie can hover in the air. 
  • Tactical — Cluster Missile: Valkyrie has rockets that explode multiple times.
  • Ultimate — Skyward: Valkyrie is able to launch into the air and then skydive back to the map. She will also be able to bring teammates with her when she launches upward.  

These abilities have not been confirmed by Respawn just yet. But in the 100 million player celebration video, Respawn showed a quick clip of Valkyrie hovering in the air, confirming the ability leaks. 

When is Valkyrie coming to Apex Legends?

Apex Legends Season 9 is coming May 4. Respawn Entertainment hasn't said if Valkyrie will arrive in the game right when the update hits, but that's most likely the case. Players should expect more information on this legend before Season 9. 

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