Overwatch League will have full home-and-away schedule in 2020

Overwatch League will have a full home-and-away schedule in 2020, fulfilling the league’s day one vision.

The full schedule, venues, and ticket information are not yet available to fans, but commissioner Nate Nanzer said it will be similar to a traditional sports league, with each team playing half of its games at home and half on the road. Running from mid-February through August, the third season boasts home games in Asia, Europe, and North America.

“We think giving esports teams an opportunity to build a home base and to put their own stamp on it, like in the sam way Wrigley Field is different from Yankee Stadium, that’s a really cool opportunity for esports teams,” Nanzer said.

Beyond ticketing, parking, and concessions, having a home base will give the OWL teams a lot more economic growth opportunities. It also helps nurture hometown pride, something that’s always been on the league’s mind. They just needed to “get to a level of comfort” before such a big step, said Nanzer.

The 20 Overwatch League teams are still working out venue arrangements, and ESPN writer Jacob Wolf said Nanzer told him the teams will be in charge of the venues, ticket sales, and other associated fees.

There are some teams that already have official locations. The Los Angeles Valiant have the Microsoft Theater at LA Live in downtown Los Angeles, where they will be hosting games this season as well. The Boston Uprising, New York Excelsior, and the Los Angeles Gladiators also have their own venues. A new esports stadium in Arlington will become the official location of the Dallas Fuel and Houston Outlaws, who invested $10 million in the project.

According to Nanzer, the league will not be expanding before the 2020 season to ensure a firm schedule for the current teams. But the OWL is currently looking to add eight more teams after that.

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