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Watch T1 Faker get a triple kill on Qiyana in just a split second

T1 mid laner Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok is warming up for the 2021 LCK Spring Split playoffs with some sick solo queue outplays. 

In one of the most recent highlights, Faker dominates three enemies with a single combo on Qiyana. The combo was pulled off so quickly that no enemy had time to respond, resulting in a quick triple kill for the South Korean superstar. This isn’t the first time Faker has pulled off a big outplay on Qiyana, who seems like a champion that Faker is practicing and might even pull out on the professional stage at some point. 

T1 Faker Qiyana is clean from r/leagueoflegends

During Faker’s outplay, he pulls off a simple but effective combo. Faker caught three opponents completely off guard, each of whom thought they were safe with about half a screen between them and the T1 mid laner. Little did they know that Faker could use Audacity (E) through a minion followed up by flash to get within range in an instant.

Faker followed the dash and flash up with a quick cast of Supreme Display of Talent (R), which sent all three opponents directly into the wall and stunned them. The stun on Qiyana’s ult isn’t the longest in the game, but Faker didn’t waste any time. The damage from the ultimate and the quick use of Elemental Wrath/Edge of Ixtal (Q) was enough to burst down all three enemies in one swoop.

The combo rewarded Faker with a triple kill and more than enough gold to end the game with a victory.    

Battle Boss Qiyana

What position is Qiyana?

Since Qiyana’s release in July 2019, the Empress of the Elements has been played in a couple of positions. Her most common position is in the mid lane, where Qiyana gets to bully down her opponents through her great kill potential as an assassin. Qiyana has also been seen commonly in the jungle over periods of time but is currently not as viable in that position. As of patch 11.6, Qiyana is only played in the mid lane with a stable 49.19% win rate. 

Is Qiyana a good champion?

Qiyana is a good champion in specific matchups but isn’t a champion that can be picked blind into anything. Qiyana is an attack-damage mid laner and needs some AP champions on her team to work. Qiyana is also a melee assassin, which means that she can be countered fairly easily in the mid lane. With that being said, Qiyana has been sitting at a win rate of around 49% over the past few patches, which is decent. An experienced Qiyana player will without a doubt be able to make her work in solo queue.