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Gen.G surprises by eliminating 100 Thieves from VCT NA

Nobody expected Gen.G to upset 100 Thieves like this. Not fans. Not casters. Not anyone at the analyst desk. 

Gen.G swept 100 Thieves in a close Valorant Champions Tour NA Masters match that left the favorites completely eliminated from the competition. Gen.G was thought of as the clear underdog in the match, as well as in the entire NA Masters event. While the Valorant community recognized them as a great team early on, many were unsure how they would do against heavy hitters in the stacked event. 

On the other hand, 100 Thieves has been seen as the team to beat throughout the series. The squad defeated TSM to become winners of the First Strike NA event. Since then, 100 Thieves hasn't been as hot. The top team didn't qualify for NA Stage 1 Challengers in January. But the squad still looked strong, especially thanks to captain and elite competitor Spencer “Hiko” Martin. 

But Gen.G had a secret weapon: Danny "huynh" Huynh. 

huynh proves Jett prowess for Gen.G

The Canadian player was relatively unheard of before he joined Gen.G in the spring of 2020. But huynh became the most talked about player of the match after his performance against 100 Thieves. The Jett main showed insane precision with the duelist, getting 10 first bloods and pressuring 100 Thieves with headshot after headshot. At one point he even used Updraft to rush into the air before eliminating enemies with his blades.

100 Thieves clearly didn't know how to stop this aggression and was unable to get the proper information to keep up with Gen.G. Analysts also noted that 100 Thieves, while stronger than Gen.G in general, hasn't been performing up to par during the one-duelist meta. The organization's Valorant squad was not prepared for the matches ahead of it, and it showed. 

Gen.G is working its way back up the lower bracket and will face whoever comes out on top of Luminosity and Team Envy's next match. The upper bracket is currently featuring FaZe Clan against Sentinels, with both heavily favored to win the entire tournament. 

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