Apex Legends developer talks new legend Octane, battle pass after leaks

New Apex Legends content is coming soon.

Following a thorough data mine and leak on Origin, Respawn Entertainment has confirmed that a new playable legend character and a seasonal battle pass are inbound. The Apex Legends developer made the announcement on Reddit.

In the Reddit post, Respawn warned fans against buying into any rumors they saw about the game. However, it did acknowledge that some upcoming content had come to light.

“We’ll be providing details on Season 1, Battle Pass, and the next Legend very soon," Respawn said.

The move comes following a dive into Apex Legends files by the Twitter account @RealApexLeaks. A number of files referencing visuals for a battle pass were unearthed, including battle pass skins for legends. Afterwards, @RealApexLeaks stated that the price point would be a “$10 equivalent,” added that rumored legend Octane was confirmed, and that another named Wattson had also been unearthed.

AMD Gaming dropped an accidental hint on Twitter that new balance tweaks were incoming on March 12. Those tweaks were set to come alongside the launch of season one, which led many to believe the release of a battle pass was imminent.

From there, the Apex Legends splash page on Origin was changed to advertise the addition of Octane. That page has since been removed, but screenshots were taken and immortalized on Reddit.

While the battle pass and Octane may not be coming on March 12 after all, signs point to a major Apex Legends update coming in the immediate future.

So what can fans expect from the battle pass? That’s unknown, but odds are it will strongly resemble the battle passes in Fortnite.

Fortnite’s battle pass costs $10 and gives players the opportunity to unlock a number of cosmetic items and emotes by completing various challenges. New challenges are delivered weekly for three months, and typically include dealing damage with specific weapons, visiting certain areas of the map, and eliminating enemies under certain conditions.

Though Respawn has not discussed what a battle pass might look like in Apex Legends, the Fortnite format is both familiar for players and profitable for the company. Apex Legends and Fortnite are very different games, but odds are their battle passes will look similar.

As for Octane, no details on the legend's abilities have been unearthed, but the design and name suggests he may possess fire skills.

Expect more details on both the battle pass and Octane to arrive soon.

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