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This new Valorant bug stops weapons and abilities from working

Another concerning bug has been found in Valorant after patch 2.03, and this is a wild one. 

Many Valorant players have reported that they aren't able to use their abilities and weapons mid-match due to what seems to be pretty critical bug. Unlike most bugs that affect only a single ability, this glitch has an impact on every agent. 

It was first reported by a Reddit user who begged Riot to fix the bug upon its discovery. The user was playing as the last remaining agent on their team in Ascent, facing off against two opponents on the enemy squad. That's when they noticed they couldn't drop their Bucky and pick up a Vandal. And that wasn't where the bug ended. 

Valorant bug 2.03

Valorant bug prevents players from shooting, using abilities

The player realized they couldn't even shoot. They backed away from the remaining duel and then realized they also couldn't use their abilities. That left them unable to throw a smoke or dash away. This led the player to believe Jett had a glitch. 

But other players apparently experienced this same issue on other agents. One player chimed in that it happened to them while they were playing Breach. Others were also unable to jump, drop weapons, or shoot while on their own agents. One player noted that they couldn't even use a spray while playing as Skye. 

Since the player was able to shoot again the next round, they were left unable to pinpoint how this happened and how to fix it. They were also not sure when it would happen again. The uncertainty of this concerning bug has led other players to call on developer Riot Games to address this strange and potentially game-breaking glitch. While some felt it might be related to lag or connection errors, others weren't too sure this issue is related. 

Riot hasn't responded to requests to fix this strange new bug yet. 

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