OWL Midas skin / Blizzard

New Midas Roadhog skin available ahead of OWL 2021 season

A new Roadhog skin was unveiled today during the Shock Vs. The World match at BlizzConline, commemorating the San Francisco Shock's second consecutive Grand Finals victory. 

The announcement on Twitter notes that the Midas Roadhog skin will be available, most likely for purchase, before the 2021 Overwatch League season starts. 

Each year the OWL releases a new skin based on the winner of the previous season's Grand Finals. The first year's Grand Finals culminated in a London Spitfire Winston skin, which was available for purchase with OWL tokens via the in-game store.

Because the information announced from Blizzard states that the skin is available in-game leading up to the start of the 2021 season, it is unclear if fans will be able to unlock the skin for free by earning League Tokens once the season starts. Unless players already have the tokens in their account, they will have to shell out the money to buy more tokens and purchase the skin.

Last year, the Shock also had the privilege of getting the Grand Finals skin and they went with Doomfist, who got an epic makeover. But fans weren't quite sure how they felt about the subtle hints towards it being a Shock skin. This year, designers went with a much more obvious approach.  

Roadhog dons a gold mask over his face which has tusks, resembling a boar. His armor, hook, and mask are all a gold color, which is indicative of the Greek King Midas, who was granted a wish from a God and turned anything he touched to gold. Over his stomach, Roadhog has a plaque that has two stars and the word "Champions" along with the San Fransisco letters. 

The skin was revealed on February 20 during BlizzConline, but no further details were given as to when fans could get their hands on the skin. The skin is not yet in the Overwatch in-game store but the season begins April 16, so fans should be able to purchase the skin soon.


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