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Ex-Dignitas star Voyboy joins FlyQuest as content creator

Former professional player Joedat “Voyboy” Esfahani has joined FlyQuest as the newest addition to its content creator team. 

Voyboy will be a part of FlyQuest as a content creator, which seems like a match made in heaven. Ever since retiring from professional play in 2014, Voyboy has been creating content and streaming consistently to great effect. Over the past years, he has built up a loyal following with wholesome content and garnered strong engagement from the League of Legends community. 

Voyboy's signing was announced in a video made by FlyQuest, where it’s clear that he will be actively working with FlyQuest to spread the FlyQuest values of positivity and generosity far and wide through gaming. Voyboy has put a lot of focus on different social issues through his streaming, making him a good fit for the socially conscious LCS franchise. Together, FlyQuest and Voyboy are aiming to make the esports scene and the world in general a better place.   

“FlyQuest resonates with me because they are a team that truly strives to make the world a better place,” Voyboy said. “We are gonna be teaming up for some awesome causes and special quests to save even more bees, seas, and trees together.”

While Voyboy is a well-known face in today’s League of Legends community through his streaming, he was once one of the most prominent North American players. Voyboy was a part of the first generation of LoL pros, playing for teams like CLG and Dignitas all the way back in 2011. Voyboy ended his career after two years with Team Curse but made a return to play for Delta Fox in 2017. 

Since then, the 26-year-old has been focusing on content creation and is still going strong to this day. Voyboy has been a part of several All-Stars Events and Twitch Rival tournaments. Fans can expect some content with Voyboy and FlyQuest in the very near future.   

Why did Voyboy retire? 

In late 2014, Voyboy announced that he would be parting ways with Team Curse and taking a break from competitive play in the LCS. While it wasn't intended that Voyboy would retire for good, his break ended up being longer than most fans thought. At his current age of 26, it’s unlikely that Voyboy will ever return to competitive play. 

Did Voyboy play for TSM?

Voyboy has never played officially for TSM but has been a big competitor to the team for years back in the early seasons of League of Legends. Voyboy previously played for TSM’s rivals CLG and also competed against the team on Team Curse and Dignitas. 

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