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How to fix Apex Legends' Party Leader Quit, Party Not Ready bugs

Since Apex Legends' launch, players have received sudden "Party Not Ready" and "Party Leader Quit" messages. 

While these issues aren't a huge deal, they can be quite annoying. Luckily, there are some simple solutions to get right back into the game. 

How to fix Apex Legends Party Not Ready message

This message often appears when a player is trying to enter a game. It can occur when a player is solo queuing or hopping in with a full party. This message will pop up when a player is waiting for a match to load. 

If you receive this message, restart the game. Close Apex Legends completely and then start the game up again. It's a bit time-consuming, but you'll most likely get to jump right into another game when you do this. 

Don't want to restart the entire game? Try accessing the Game Menu or Settings button in the lower corner of your screen. Use them to exit the screen and go back to the lobby. Hit "return to Main Menu" if pressing those buttons alone doesn't work. 

If you're playing with friends, leave the party. Hopefully when you join again the situation will be fixed. You can also try leaving the match and then having your friends rejoin you in the lobby. Just shoot over a new invite. 

Another trick is attempting to access your friends list in the same area of the screen, the lower right corner. Enter the screen. Back out and then return to the loading screen. See if this stops the message from appearing. If not, you might still have to restart the game. 

If this doesn't work, you can even try restarting your console or the game client. 

How to fix Apex Legends Party Leader Quit message

This message also appears before a match begins but it can also appear during or after a game, making it a bit more annoying than the "Party Not Ready" message. 

This message can sometimes pop up if a player has been AFK for a few moments. Press "Continue" and you should be brought back to the pre-match screen, no problem. If this doesn't work, try some of the ideas we discussed earlier for the Party Not Ready error. Leaving your party or going to the main menu might stop Party Leader Quit message from disrupting you. 

If the message pops up during a game instead, sometimes you can ignore the message. But if the message starts to disrupt your ability to properly play the game, you might need to leave the game. Restart Apex Legends after that to avoid it happening again. 

If your game just ended and the Party Leader Quit message popped up, restart Apex Legends and maybe even the entire game client or console. 

These messages are luckily easy to work around, although they can be a bit of an inconvenience. Give these a try as the Apex Legends community waits for Respawn to find a permanent solution. 

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