Valorant gets a new fast-paced Escalation mode

Riot Games' shooter is all set to get its first limited-time mode (LTM) Escalation, starting from February 17th. 

Valorant is still a relatively new game in terms of esports. However, a growing number of tournaments in the form of Valorant challengers series, First Strike, and many more have added a competitive finish to the game. Almost a year after its release, the game has evolved into a cutting esports that requires your full attention. This new update adds a fun twist to Valorant's somewhat competitive modes. 

Riot's tactical shooter currently has ranked, unranked, deathmatch, and spike rush mode. The new addition is dubbed as the escalation mode, which comes with a fast-paced play. 

The new model lives up to the name, allowing players to practice a swift use of different weapons. Much like deathmatch, the new mode is devoid of all pro tactics and requires pure aim and agility. 

Here's how the Valorant Escalation mode works

The players will be split into a group of five, precisely like in ranked mode. Instead of a 13 round win, the game will be divided into 12 escalation levels, each level with a different weapon or a challenge/ability. The team to surpass all levels within the span of 10 minutes takes away the winning points. 

To jump through the levels, the team must earn seven points collectively. To contribute to team points, a player must bag at least one kill to move on to the next weapon or ability, ultimately gaining more points. However, being stuck on one weapon won't hinder team progress. The team can still advance Escalation levels if you're on an older weapon. 

"Your team can be level 4 but you can still be 'stuck' with the level 1 weapon (let's say the Vandal), until you get one kill with that weapon. Then you'll progress to the level 2 weapon, not directly to level 4," comms associate Jeff Landa said

The new mode will be exciting for Valorant players who love a challenge. Instead of levels becoming easier, the game offers a tricker weapon as the rounds escalate. For example, if you started the second level with phantom, the game may spawn you with Spectre in the next level. 

Partaking in this mode will get you 800 XP for each completed match, add an extra 200 XP when you win a game. The Escalation mode begins from February 17th and will be available for a limited time. The developers haven't revealed the end date for the mode but it may leave the game with Act 2. 

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