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Apex Legends Season 8 almost unplayable due to bugs, lag

Respawn Entertainment has actually brought the mayhem, but it's probably not the mayhem Apex Legends players wanted. 

Season 8 was a big update for the battle royale. Kings Canyon saw significant changes, the powerful 30-30 Repeater was introduced, and new legend Fuse joined the fray. But it wasn't all fun and games. The new season brought some major issues along with it as well. Two of the main issues are the Code: Leaf error code and infinite loading screens. 

Apex Legends Season 8 bugs explained

What is Code: Leaf error in Apex Legends?

This is one of the most common server issues in Apex Legends. It even appeared when the game launched at the start of 2019, and it's been happening ever since. 

The error essentially blocks players from getting into matches, alerting them that the connection to the server has timed out. This is a backend issue that can possibly be fixed if players hold down the right analog stick to access the data center while the game launches and then pick a different server with a low ping. This doesn't always work, though. 

Infinite loading screens hitting Apex Legends Season 8

This is a new bug that seems to have arrived with the launch of Season 8. Players who experience this bug are brought to the main menu over and over again instead of loading into a game. So far there's no way around this issue. It's currently affecting players on all platforms, including Xbox, PlayStation, and PC. 

Apex Legends community responds to Season 8 bugs

Apex Legends pros have started calling Respawn Entertainment out, saying that the state of their servers is "unacceptable," especially since they haven't done anything to fix it yet. The inability to load into a game and then the constant lagging once a game begins has made the game unplayable for many fans. 

TSM's Mac "Albraleli" Beckwith called out the Apex Legends developers, telling them that something has to be done about their servers immediately. 

As more and more players are having trouble playing in Season 8 and continue to miss out on collection events, Respawn Entertainment has finally addressed the issue. The developers added the two issues onto their public Trello board. The two tasks are under the "investigating" column. 

Apex Legends players discover game-breaking bug

Players that are lucky enough to get into a match have discovered there are even more bugs to deal with in-game. This includes a game-breaking bug that removes the movement penalty while healing. 

Usually the use of a healing item will slow a legend down. But one Reddit user shared a clip of them sprinting at full speed while healing their shield. This can be done with any legend on the roster. But it's even more concerning for certain legends, like Bangalore and Octane, who have the ability to run even faster than other legends. 

The player didn't reveal how to use the exploit and instead begged Respawn to do something about it. 

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