Ninja may be quitting Fortnite over "clout-chasing losers"

Streaming megastar Tyler "Ninja" Blevins went back to his roots and played Fortnite in a recent stream, but he quickly came to regret that decision. Ninja even said he may never play the battle royale again. 

During a live stream, Ninja started complaining about getting stream sniped four games in a row. While Ninja was distracted in a fight, the other player would run up and kill him. Ninja got visibly upset to the point where he had to stop playing. He started ranting for the people to "get out of my game" and get away from him. 

Ninja said that Fortnite is "so fucking stupid," seemingly blaming children in the community for ruining the experience. He noted that kids just wanted to get a clip of them killing Ninja to show their friends. 

Possibly mad that he was able to get eliminated by a troll, Ninja then pointed out that he "hasn't played the game in forever." But despite his very little practice, he was able to almost down the stream sniper, who Ninja said "grinds this game 12 hours a day." 

"These fucking clout-chasing losers, they have no idea. All they're doing is just harming the game because I'm gonna fucking play it. I'm not going to stream it," Ninja concluded. 

In the past, Ninja has been heavily criticized for accusing people of stream sniping and possibly encouraging his fans to harass them. This wasn't helped when Ninja showed during a stream that he literally has Epic Games on speed dial and can ask them to ban people. 

But this time around, the majority of Fortnite players were on his side. Many have felt that the game is getting frustrating and difficult to play because of the community. A lot of people have expressed that Fortnite's community is full of toxicity and immaturity. This combination has made the game unplayable, even for streamers like Ninja. 

Does Ninja still do Twitch? 

After Mixer's failure, Ninja returned to Twitch, the streaming platform where he first grew famous. While Ninja has vowed to never play Fortnite again, his fans haven't seen him play much of the battle royale recently anyway. Over recent months, Ninja has been focusing on League of Legends, Valorant, and other popular esports titles instead. 

What is stream sniping?

Popular streamers like Ninja often have viewers take advantage of their live stream in order to gain an unfair advantage. A viewer will watch a stream to find out where the streamer is located and what they are doing, and using that information to gain a tactical advantage. Though stream sniping is typically associated with casual players tracking down and killing streamers in battle royales, it also plays out in esports as well. Online tournaments have been struggling to deal with pro players watching streams of their games in order to get information on the strategies of opponents.

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